As prayers can do miracles and at the same time it is also one of the most powerful ways to reach Lord Jesus Christ. The power of Jesus’ prayer can help us to remove the negative effect of all the sins from our life and lead us to a better place. Always remember “God is listening”, he is a mercy provider. All you have to do is to have faith upon thepower of Jesus’ prayer and the greatest power of the universe, Jesus Christ will help you.

History and origin of Jesus prayer –

A Jesus Prayer also known as a repetitive and formulaic prayer which was settled by the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers in the 5th century. The Jesus prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner” is the most powerful, shortest, and simplest prayer in the world. By repeating the name of Lord Jesus Christ in the prayer, we pray to him for mercy by saying “have mercy on me, a sinner. However the phrase “a sinner” was added later as it was not included in the original form of the Jesus prayer.

Reason behind the power of Jesus prayer –

Everything lies in his name“. The Jesus prayer starts with the name of Lord Jesus Christ and that’s where the power comes from. His name is the most powerful thing in the universe. If you have faith and hope in Jesus, and if you love Jesus, you can pray in any situation, at any time or place. No matter if you pray the Jesus prayer either loud or silently, Jesus Christ will surely listen to it and will help you in getting rid of your sins.

The Two Major Functions of the Jesus Prayer –

You must be sincere and humble while praying to Jesus. The two major functions of the Jesus prayer are worship and developing concentration in someone’s life. Both the two functions have their own importance. You cannot just say the prayer in one sentence, as repentance is what is needed. You must repeat the prayer with concentration and sincerity. Worship for God’s love and forgiveness, and pour your whole heart filled with every emotion you want to convey to him.
Another essential aspect is concentration that is needed while praying to Lord Jesus. Be calm and focus on your inner life, pray for mercy, pray for forgiveness, pray to get rid of your sins. Believe in the power of Jesus’ prayer, by controlling all your five senses which are finite. You can do it by focusing on God’s teachings, as spiritual purification is what is needed.
The power of Jesus’ prayer lies within the name of Lord Jesus Christ, he’s the son of God. He listens to every prayer that comes straight from someone’s heart. Pray with dignity and sincerity, and a simple Jesus prayer can act in a miraculous way in your life.

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