Driven by immediate results, the individual finds it easy to abandon dreams precisely because he cannot realize them within the determined time. The identical is true within the field of faith: many fail to wish when God doesn’t respond quickly to requests. At certain times, the sensation is that God isn’t taking note of what weighs on our hearts and generates plenty of worries and sadness. However, even without hearing the voice of God, there’s little doubt, because He never fails to pay attention and welcome what’s in our hearts. If there’s something that may be highlighted, it’s the very fact that God is busy with us day by day. He never tires of searching our depths and searching for our needs.


Prayer is known as a present given to humanity by God Himself. The target was to form people aware that praying should transcend just saying words or doing penances, but it should also provoke practical actions in helping social causes. Without prayer, there’s no relationship with God.
Our God, who stay in heaven, bless us together with your name. Bless us our daily bread today. Forgive our mistakes we are going to also forgive people who have offended us. And don’t allow us to represent temptation, but deliver us from evil.

What you give, you receive

Prayer presupposes an attempt and action response by the person praying. as an example, you wish to forgive first, to be forgiven later.
God doesn’t let his haste alter his love’s dynamics, for he’s and always are going to be over time itself. it’s common for sadness to come back and leave us sad, discouraged, with no desire to measure. In these moments, prayer becomes consolation, encouragement, and hope. But the religion that moves only within the most challenging moments isn’t consistent. Intensifying prayer, when the requirement arises, may be a beneficial choice.

Faith is all about

But the person of religion has no moments; he prays all told situations. Praying is permanent and not just occasional. an individual of prayer only changes the content, but always prays. In some moments, prayer becomes gratitude; in other moments, the main target is on requests. But praying alone after you have something to raise isn’t faith.
Faith is an element of being, even as breathing may be a natural exercise. there’s not daily when it’s unacceptable to hope to thank, for continuation, by itself, is an infinite reason for gratitude. The more intense the thanks, the deeper our prayer. God hears all prayers, but he rejoices with prayers of gratitude.