The Answer to your Needs is Through Prayer

Prayer Works!
Everyone has needs and loved ones that could benefit from prayer. the power of prayer has sustained us as a people. Offering our needs to god has delivered amazing results throughout the ages. In times of war, soldiers have overcome insurmountable odds by asking for help through prayer. Jesus prayed to the heavenly father to heal the sick and make the blind man see. When you give your needs and petitions through prayer they will be answered.



Throughout the centuries, the power of prayer has healed us



How many times have we told someone, “I’ll pray for you”? What if you had a way to have others pray for your loved ones or yourself? Pray4me.com offers a portal to religious clergy who will pray for your special needs.


What If Others Prayed For You?

Spiritual counselors and ministers from many denominations are all here to help pray for the sick, deceased, special intentions and any other prayer needs you might have. You can now put the power of prayer to work for your family and friends. The more people praying for your intentions, the more likely they will be heard by God.

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      One Community Working Together

      When a whole community of people pray, great things can happen. You’ve heard the phrase, ” Safety in numbers”? Well the same concept applies with prayer. When a community is all focused on one intention, say “healing”, your collective prayers are much more likely to be heard. A community that prays together help not only the one in need, but the congregation itself. Prayer in the community is very uplifting and gives perspective on the many blessings we all have.

      What we believe

      We believe in a God that is compassionate. By offering up your wants and needs, you are asking for help from above. If you believe in the power of prayer great things can happen.

      New here?

      Welcome. Please look around to see what prayer can do. If you believe that prayer can help, have others play for your needs. Praying will provide the comfort and strength that you need in good times and bad.


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