We know that we pray little. What’s the rationale for this? Some people say it’s thanks to lack of your time. And, of course, many folks are very busy. I realize that it’s not the very fact that there’s nothing to try that leads one to hope. Praying is a solution that we give, despite the circumstances. Despite everything that’s preventing us from praying. it’s a desire, and a move that comes from within, leading us to wish. So we ended up making time to hope. We come to life early, sleep later, and find up at dawn; in brief, we make time for prayer.
On the opposite hand, if an individual doesn’t have a prayer program, a requirement to hope, it’s tougher for him to hope. you’ll be able to even say those short prayers of a few words. But being within the presence of God for 2 hours or more is different.
Have you ever heard of a preacher named John Wesley? He was a rare man. He died at the age of 80, and until that age, he continued to travel on horseback and preached thrice each day. He did a minimum of one watch a month. He fasted two days every week. He wrote many books and was engaged in welfare work with children. He was a reformer—an revivalist. He was a really busy man. When considering everything Wesley did, how did he get time for thus many things?
The dollar isn’t the foremost stable currency. The foremost definite money within the world is that of the Pound. Fruit of the spiritual blessing on those people. And where did this blessing come from? the facility of prayer. Revival.

Why little time for prayer?

Why will we pray so little? We cannot say that it’s thanks to a scarcity of your time. Wesley, like other very busy men, prayed plenty. To pray, it’s necessary to form time. But why don’t we pray? We might not pray because we don’t believe the facility of prayer. We still do not realize the ability of prayer. The Bible shows that prayer has explosive potential. there’s divine power in prayer. it’s a robust weapon close by. But it’s going to be that we aren’t yet fully convinced of this truth.
Jesus didn’t teach the disciples to evangelise. there’s no text within the Bible saying that Jesus was teaching the disciples to evangelise. But He taught them to wish. Jesus knew that they needed to be told to wish. They were visiting to learn to evangelise too, but they needed to be told to hope first.