Prayers should come straight from your heart; your intentions must be pure towards what you’re praying for….
There is power in prayer as it can bring a person back to life. Jesus is powerful, his name is powerful so the real power of prayer resides in the God who is being prayed to. Jesus answers all the prayers, especially the ones which are for others. Prayers should come straight from your heart; your intentions must be pure towards what you’re praying for. If you pray for the health of your children, Jesus will act as a shield and protect them. If you pray for someone who is sick, Jesus will act as a healer. If you pray to get rid of your sins, Jesus will bring mercy to you. If you pray for someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression, Jesus Christ will help them in getting peace of mind. All you need to do is to put pure intentions in your prayers and Jesus will listen to your prayers, and will move in response to your prayers.
Importance of prayer as per Bible –
The Bible says that Jesus Christ wants us to pray to him, he wants us to express our emotions, needs, desires, sufferings, joys etc. When we let our creator know about what we feel at the moment, what we are going through, what we need, then he makes things happen according to his will.
Importance of “Faith” in prayers –
We claim Jesus as our savoir, he came and died to save us. We go to the Churches and pray to him, but what do we lack? We lack confidence while we are praying in Churches. Faith is what is needed when we pray to him. We should know that there is power in prayer but what we don’t know is that the power doesn’t lie in the words or phrases we utter. The power of prayer lies in the name of Jesus Christ, who is the most powerful authority in this universe.
When we have faith and confidence in Jesus, that way we get definite access to him. The confidence and faith change our mentality completely and then we start thinking like no matter if anything bad is coming in our way, our loving and completely capable Father will save us.
It is also scientifically proven that if we put faith in prayers, as a result, we experience greater health physically, mentally, and psychologically.
Talking to God –
Communication is the key. Any magic formula or phrases doesn’t make the prayer powerful. Prayer is more about communicating with God. It’s like we are letting Jesus know that we need him, we need to talk to him. Talking to God is the fiercest weapon we have.
Conclusion –
As there is power in prayer, you need to understand where the actual power lies. God is powerful amongst all; he listens to every prayer that comes straight from someone’s heart with true intentions. Let him know what you need simple, no need for complicated phrases. Simple prayers can do miracles!

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