I grew up catholic, attending church every Sunday along with 12 years of polyester ties in the catholic school system. Other than the standard prayers I was forced to recite, I never gave much thought to prayer. That was until a few years before starting this site. I really needed a change in my life, so I decided to pray for it daily. Through the power of prayer, my intention was granted. It made me a believer that, with pray, all things are possible.
One day on my drive to work I was thinking about a new website that I could start. I knew from past experience that business partnerships that offer a win-win proposition to the two parties involved have the best chance at success.
If the power of pray could work for me, it can work for anyone. When people turned with their needs to the local church, they found two things. An over-worked clergy that didn’t have time for their needs and very little money for outreach. hopes to solve these problems. Prayer works, so we all need to be praying. Our prayer counselors hear your intentions and will be praying for your needs. A large portion of your donation is going to help the churches, clergy and nuns that need your $$ support. It’s a win-win partnership for you, and the church.

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How sermons help in our life

Live a happy life with Jesus’ prayer. Sermons play an important role in everyone’s life. God always gives us a chance to rue—to change our minds and grow deeper with Jesus. Jesus always extends his hand to us and says, “I know you’ve messed up and strayed from the path, but here’s my hand. There […]

Prayers to the Holy Spirit

Prayers to the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ, the son of God is our saviour who has dedicated the bulk of his time for performing numerous miracles. We humans lose hope so quickly, but we forget one thing that Lord Jesus is the one who can do miracles even in the situations that seem impossible. Prayers […]

Does Prayer Request for Healing the illness works

Does Prayer Request for Healing the illness works We live in a world where each of us have to suffer from something at least once in our lifetime. Sufferings can come in different ways, but we can get relief of every kind of suffering by dropping our prayer request for healing. Jesus Christ is our […]