Prayers to the Holy Spirit
Jesus Christ, the son of God is our saviour who has dedicated the bulk of his time for performing numerous miracles. We humans lose hope so quickly, but we forget one thing that Lord Jesus is the one who can do miracles even in the situations that seem impossible. Prayers to the Holy Spirit can lead us towards Christ, so that we can convey our sufferings to him properly. Once he gets to know what we need, what we desire, what are things that are harming us, what are the situations we need protection from, he helps us go through all that. Since everything is possible for God, all we need to do is to have faith in him.

The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Prayers –
The Holy Spirit plays a vital role in our prayers. He is someone who helps us by leading us while we pray to Lord Jesus. He is the one who will make a true life of prayer possible for us.
For every Christian, praying in front of Lord Jesus at Church is nothing but a privilege. Prayers are helpful for people who want to develop a personal relationship with God. The Bible said that God wants us to pray so that he gets to know what we need and desire. Holy prayers are the primary method of receiving God’s help and for advancing his kingdom.
Holy Spirit help us in our prayers

  • A Holy Spirit is the one who helps us in activating our will and complete faith in a prayer. When we pray in the spirit, he prays with us along. He gives us confidence in the presence of God and in his power.
  • “The thoughts of God no one knows except the Holy Spirit” – According to the will of God, the Holy Spirit considers and adapts our prayers as he knows and can interpret God’s purpose. Even if we don’t pray perfectly, he makes our prayers perfect as per the will of Lord Jesus.
  • “The Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groaning too deep for words” – When we go blank as we don’t know what to pray for, how to pray, or do not know the use of perfect words to express our prayers, the Holy Spirit adds sense even in our wordless prayers. He aligns our hearts with God’s.

Conclusion – Prayers to the Holy Spirit are important because God has commanded us to pray. We have to be obedient to his will, and the Holy Spirit knows his will and purpose. He leads our prayers directly to God, that’s the reason why holy prayers must be a part of our life. The Holy Spirit is the source of our spiritual life and a counsellor too. He is the one who would always be with the followers of Jesus.
Thus we should pray all the Prayers to the Holy Spirit by complete dignity, fairness, faith, and confidence. Do have belief in the presence and power of Lord Jesus and miracles will happen.

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